Project Santa

Kids at Project Santa Brunch

Fragile Kids Foundation has been celebrating the holiday season with our families for almost 20 years.  Because of our sponsor Ray Schoenbaum of Ray’s Restaurants and several committed individuals and companies, we are able to provide a beautiful brunch with Santa for 25 plus families.  What started out as a small group in one of our patron’s homes has blossomed into a large, fun celebration in a beautiful tent on the river. Then, during the brunch each family has a sponsor who presents them with their gifts. It truly is one of the most joyous occasions.  It has become a long standing tradition because of very kind donors.

Helping Families with Holiday Help Campaign

Another part of helping the families during the holidays involves each family making a wish list of their current household needs including food, gasoline and household items.   This list is done before the holiday brunch and individuals are asked through a  mail campaign to donate money toward these household needs.  The families are extremely happy for the extra help during the holidays, and the response from donors has been incredible.