Gorgeous Notecards

The ideal gift! Packaged and wrapped with a bow, Fragile Kids will send the gift for you with a note letting your gift recipient know that your gift not only brightens their day, but will contribute to changing the life of a special needs child. Four beautiful designs are captured on each blank notecard.

Packs of four (one of each design): $8.00
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Louis Cushnie has worked in several mediums since early childhood. His work has been showcased in many venues, including Mason Murer Gallery in Atlanta. His water colors and use of tissue and water to create a unique color spectrum is as beautiful as his ink and marker renderings.

Louis, age 10, resides in Decatur with his mother and is in the 5th grade. He has been a long time champion and ambassador for the Fragile Kids Foundation

Jill Gossett, 770.951.6115