Community Impact

How We Have Helped

From the inception of our Foundation, we have had a principle that guides our mission and all our work. We endeavor to work within the entire healthcare system in a way that saves money at many different levels and ultimately makes our families and our community more stable.

For example:

  • We have collaborated with two Atlanta area charities to provide medical equipment and support services specifically to abused and abandoned children in need of caring adults to advocate for their future by targeting equipment unique to their needs.
  • We have aided an adoptive single mother of four special needs children who needed a unique wheelchair lift in her van to accommodate several wheelchairs at once.
  • We have provided a “safe sleeper” bed for a critically ill child to be released from the pediatric ICU and cared for safely at home
  • We have provided head supports and other accessories for wheelchairs no longer covered by governmental health programs for low-income families.

By providing critical equipment and quality of life assistance through our focused programs, our Foundation helps to ensure that medically fragile children can be cared for in their own homes, rather than the more expensive foster care system or state-supported institutions.

2010 Survey Results

No Change Improved Greatly Improved Worse Much Worse
How has your child’s abilities changed since receiving this equipment or grant? 16% 26% 48% 2% 0%
How has your child’s quality of life changed since receiving this equipment or grant? 4% 26% 68% 2% 0%
How has your (parent/caregiver) quality of life changed since receiving this equipment or grant? 2% 22% 70% 0% 2%

Overall, 74% or respondents improved or greatly improved their mobility abilities with a 94% increase in their quality of life.  Additionally, the caregiver and families quality of life was increased by 92%.

Single parent/caregiver? Yes No
52% 42%

In order to better serve our families and our future families, we asked respondents to rate us on our website, ease of usage and information they were able to access through our website and our response when calling our office.

Have you visited our website  ? Yes No NA
74% 8% 18%
Did our website help you find answers to your questions or prove useful as a tool to locate other resources? Yes No NA
74% 2% 6%
How easy was it to navigate? Very Easy Easy Difficult Very Difficult NA
36% 36% 20%

Assume those responding NA do not have computers or internet access

Did your inquiries to our office staff get responses in a timely manner? Yes No NA
92% 2% 6%

Over the years, our families have asked and participated in events sponsored by Fragile Kids and other organization is in the community.  To help promote this community involvement, we asked the following;

Would you like to learn of events in which you and your family can participate? Yes No NA
86% 8% 6%
Would you be interested in representing (with or without your child) Fragile Kids Foundation at community events or in the media? Yes No* NA*
86% 6% 2%

*Many of those responding NA or No to this question stated that they would need more information before they could commit.

In order to keep our families informed of events and opportunities at Fragile Kids, we asked families to provide an email address so we could send our newsletter to them and to contact them with volunteer opportunities.  Thirty seven (37) respondents shared this information with us.

When asked if there were any pressing needs that the family wished we could assist with – that we don’t offer at this time – we received the following;

Potty Chair Big kid diapers and bibs Thera Togs info
Briefs for boys after 18th b-day Home attendant Home renovations for ramp
Diapers PT Funds for Quality respite care from outside agencies specializing in Fragile Child care
Eye Max Communication Device Pool supplies

We also received a number of requests for vans, conversions, hospital beds, and folding/umbrella wheelchairs

Some comments from parents regarding equipment and how it has helped their everyday life.

  • The seat allows us to get Anna in and out of the car without a lot of strain on us and without Anna getting bumped and man handled.  It has made every outing much less stressful and easier physically!
  • We can now get Tia up and down the stairs safely.  Mom not longer has to wait for dad’s assistance.
  • Before we had the van travel was limited to doctor appointments and we had to cancel those in bad weather because of the wheelchair carrier we used.  Not the only limits we have are Callie’s health status.  Callie’s first outing choice was :  lets pick up a friend and head to the mall!!!
  • We are able to put Kyle in a standing position that is building up the muscles in his legs.  His legs are stronger and it is a blessing to us to see the improvement.
  • Until we received the crib, she only had her wheelchair to provide secure safe sleep.
  • I can’t express to you how grateful I am for your help.  Words cannot explain what an impact this ceiling track has had on the way I have now been able to care from him.
  • Can’t imagine Brittnay not having her speech device.  It has allowed her freedom and given her so much self confidence.
  • Kaila always cried in pin when picked up from or to her chair.  Now, with the lift, she is more comfortable.
  • Truly life changing, not only for Lauren but our entire family.  We are so grateful to FK!